About Us

oikos is a Greek owned company which retails and wholesales contemporary furniture, lighting and design items for homes, apartments, offices and public places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and hotels.

Since 1980 located in Kolonaki the heart of Athens, oikos, with its two showrooms, has remained as the most progressive and sophisticated furniture and object store.


One of our latest projects at Oikos, the furnishing of a stylish home in Athens was recently completed and we are proud to give you an idea of how our pieces look in it! Our hand tufted Hidra rug gives a stunning colourful allure in one of the rooms of the house, alongside our Globo pouf, both by Spanish manufacturing company GAN Rugs. (photo above) They both add a sense of warmth and friendly atmosphere.

φωτογραφία-5 copy

In the same room, our Coogee 2 sofa by French Sentou is a monochrome and vintage-inspired furniture piece where our Wallace Sewell throw with multi-coloured basketweave design and woven honey comb structures finds is ideal position!

φωτογραφία-9 copy

Our Established and Sons Torch light referencing the handheld nature of a torch is an eye-catching piece that looks amazing in red!

φωτογραφία-6 copy

A sculptural piece on the wall required a discreet and also distinctive lighting piece next to it and our Light 265 wall lamp by Italian FLOS was definitely the ideal choice for this spot of the house.

φωτογραφία-7 copy

Lampe Gras No. 222 by DCW adds an industrial and modern touch in another spot.

φωτογραφία-8 copy

Last but not least, our Suzie chairs and Vera table by French Les Gambettes made out of plywood beech and steel give a distinct retro feel in the kitchen. Be style conscious!


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