About Us

oikos is a Greek owned company which retails and wholesales contemporary furniture, lighting and design items for homes, apartments, offices and public places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and hotels.

Since 1980 located in Kolonaki the heart of Athens, oikos, with its two showrooms, has remained as the most progressive and sophisticated furniture and object store.


Whether spiritual or not, few days before the new year’s eve, giving your home a thorough cleaning is always a great idea. We have some striking designs at oikos for that by French Perigot! Broom Classic bamboo is manufactured with minimal environmental impact while its natural colour will look great in your home too!

duster mpo bamboo

Same the Duster Mop Bamboo!


If you like to use feathers for the cleansing of your home, Duster Ostrich & Bamboo has natural oils and barbs capture dust and helps you use it without moving it around! It is stylish and perfect for fragile surfaces and hard-to-move objects!


If you prefer wool, our Wool and Bamboo Duster is another option! It has sheep’s wool and it is super lightweight.


When you are done with all the cleaning in your home, make sure your guests will not bring any dust when visiting! Hedgehog door mat made from wood and natural fibre will add a distinctive touch of style at the entrance of your home.


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