About Us

oikos is a Greek owned company which retails and wholesales contemporary furniture, lighting and design items for homes, apartments, offices and public places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and hotels.

Since 1980 located in Kolonaki the heart of Athens, oikos, with its two showrooms, has remained as the most progressive and sophisticated furniture and object store.


Drawing inspiration and designs from their graphic archives, Studio Job’s designers Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel created and presented during the recent Milan Design Week 2014 a new wallpaper range in collaboration with Dutch brand NLXL. The capsule collection consists of seven new gorgeous wallpaper patterns as a symbolic retrospective of the designers’ work: Industry, Labyrinth, Perished, Alt Deutsch, L’Afrique and Withered Flowers (the latter in black & white and in color). These new nine-meter running compositions are made out of a non-woven paper with a matte finish without any repetition! The Archives which are inspired by Modernism, have already been selected among the best products of the season and we, at Oikos, chose them as the first new wallpaper arrivals of the season! Drop by our stores to check them out or visit our e-shop.

Alt Deutch

Alt Deutsch 



They are the best alternative to a painting on your white walls!


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