About Us

oikos is a Greek owned company which retails and wholesales contemporary furniture, lighting and design items for homes, apartments, offices and public places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and hotels.

Since 1980 located in Kolonaki the heart of Athens, oikos, with its two showrooms, has remained as the most progressive and sophisticated furniture and object store.


A brand new product that was born from the collaboration between British Ross Lovegrove and Italian Moroso is Diatom chair, that was recently presented during Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milan. The infinitely vertical and super lightweight product was entirely generated digitally by the multi-awarded designer who got inspired by pieces of fossilised plankton that fascinated him as a child, and the chair takes its name from one of these single celled organisms. Before designing Diatom, Lovegrove worked in the automotive industry, which made him apply techniques and technologies that were not used in furniture making before.


Each chair is made through pressed hydroforming in which a die-cast aluminium sheet is pressed into a three-dimensional shape, a marvel of structure devised from exploring the rules of mathematics that dictate the vegetative development of living organisms. Diatom’s legs are punched of the seat bowl itself and further welded to form tubular supports.



The 100% recyclable chair can be stacked at great heights unlike plastic moulded designs which have a limit and works great both indoors and outdoors. Such an aesthetically uplifting product. Isn’t it a must-have?




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