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oikos is a Greek owned company which retails and wholesales contemporary furniture, lighting and design items for homes, apartments, offices and public places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and hotels.

Since 1980 located in Kolonaki the heart of Athens, oikos, with its two showrooms, has remained as the most progressive and sophisticated furniture and object store.


In recent years, architects and interior designers have brought concrete into the home. A new breed of product designers is taking concrete even further, using it to make furniture, lighting and decorative objects for the home. We, at Oikos, have a selection of distinctive products made of this industrial material.

Concrete was used for the base of this lamp (photo above) by our favourite NUD which gave a rough design to this model, showing the creeks to get the iltimate industrial feeling.

Similarly, designer Renate Vos, fascinated with the use of unprecedented materials, designed XL lamp made of concrete and silicon rubber for Serax. A structured lamp that despite its main material, emits a very warm light.


Part of the Feeling collection by Marie Michielssen is this Feeling Beton lamp, with a quite distinctive design and a unique concrete and color painted metal combination that can work great in any room of your home!



Designer Piet Boon actually created a backdrop for his famous contemporary designs when he made “Concrete” wallpaper for NLXL. He loves concrete as a material and succeeded in making a wallpaper that gives you the impression that the surface it is placed on is really made of it!




Part of the Emaille collection by designer Marie Michielssen for Belgian Serax are the stools below that are made of metal and concrete. Concrete looks great even in furniture!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 8.53.49 μ.μ.

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